Professional forensic interviewers perform a vital service in a complex environment called the human psyche.  Their work is difficult, requiring self discipline, knowledge and skill, beyond that held by most interviewers.  Their work is risky, often having high-consequence decisions hanging in the balance.  But their work is also rewarding, for they solve mysteries.  Our professional forensic interviewers are trained to blend art with science.  They are the fact finders who get defensible results which enable sound, high quality evidence-based decision making.

If you’re a professional engaged in the practice of interviewing, your work involves people and their stories.  Your decisions have consequences.  The Forensic Alliance was founded to support you.

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Building upon established best practices developed in Canada, the U.S. and Great Britain and responding to judicial findings by the North American criminal courts, our workshops are carefully tailored to take your interviewing and decision-making capabilities to the highest level.



Our clients in law enforcement, national security, criminal justice, child protection, mental health services and the corporate sector consistently report that our research, consulting and training services consistently exceed their expectations.

Client Sectors

We provide confidential, cost-effective state of the art research, consulting and training services to these sectors:
– Law enforcement
– National security
– Criminal justice
– Corrections
– Law practitioners
– Child protection
– Mental health
– Insurance
– Corporate protection services


Trainer was very engaging, knowledgeable and very attentive and responsive to questions.  Used humour very appropriately.  Took the time to learn our structure and info about our roles/responsibilities so the workshop was very specific to our worksite and challenges.  Parole Officer

Effective Representation of Members with Challenging Behaviours